Welcome to the Alice Boutique!

Hello and welcome to The Alice Boutique please come in and have a mooch. You will find a whole range of gifts and homestyling products that have been inspired by Lewis Carrols Alice In Wonderland and the Illustrations by John Tenniel. 
Everything we sell here has been designed in the UK. 

In 1865 a young girl named Alice Liddell asked a family friend, Lewis Carroll, to tell her and her brothers and sisters a story. The story began with a young girl named Alice falling down, down, down the rabbit hole......
He later penned the story and asked John Tennial to do the illustrations. It is these illustrations and the ridiculousness of the story that captured my fascination since I was very young. 
In 2013 I decided I wanted to create an Alice In Wonderland tea set which I eventually launched in 2014. It has now escalated into an array of products including a full dinner service. 

I have been speaking to several Artisan Designers over the last few months and have commissioned them to make me some Alice In Wonderland products ranging from Jewellery to Bear type characters. These will all be sold exclusively through The Alice Boutique. 

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The Alice Boutique launch coincides with the 150th birthday of Alice In Wonderland. As a celebration launch offer I am giving away a set of 6 melamine coasters worth £30 (not yet available in the Boutique) to the first 5 visitors that spend £75 or more. 

I hope you enjoy shopping at The Alice Boutique and I look forward to seeing you again soon. 
Tracie x"
February 24, 2015 by Tracie Bedwood
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